Re-Entry Profile: When a Son Helps Lead a Father Home From Prison

This video, produced by De-Bug youth videographer Daniel Zapien, was made as part of a larger project ACJP/De-Bug did in collaboration with New America Media and the Open Society Foundation called, “Children of Re-Entry.” This piece chronicles the story of Greg Hughes Senior as he navigates his re-entry from prison, with the support of his son. Let us know your re-entry story! (Click image to view video.)

Picture 3

“I Want To Be Like Him When I Grow Up”

One thought on “Re-Entry Profile: When a Son Helps Lead a Father Home From Prison

  1. Great video!

    I knew Greg Hughes, Sr. many years ago and even back then, although a man with obvious troubles, inner demons and social addictions, he always had an open heart of gold and a love for his family, for strangers and life itself. Years have passed by since we last spoke or graced each other’s physical presence, but stumbling across this video gives me great relief to know that in all those years of prison, his spirits were not beaten down and the connection and relationship between him and Greg Jr. is an everlasting one!


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