The Albert Cobarrubias Justice Project (ACJP) — comprised of a network of families, organizers, and advocates — is a community organizing model aimed at equipping impacted communities with the tools and information needed to meaningfully impact their local criminal justice system. We call the approach, “participator defense.” The principal means of accomplishing this goal is by bringing a community organizing ethic to the court process; encouraging the active engagement of families and communities in the defense of a loved one who has had contact with the criminal justice system; holding the public agencies that make up the criminal justice system accountable; and bringing a community presence to what is usually an isolating court process. The ACJP is program of Silicon Valley De-Bug.

Our premise is that an informed and involved public can dramatically transform the outcomes of their own cases, as well as the landscape of power in the criminal justice system. We proudly named our work after one of our founding members Albert Cobarrubias, who defined integrity and the spirit of our efforts.


Trainings for the Community: ACJP offers trainings to organizations, centers, faith-based institutions, and other community hubs who would like to learn how to effectively engage and impact the criminal court system.

Trainings for Public Defender Offices: ACJP offers trainings to public defender offices around the country on how to engage client communities and form partnerships with local community stakeholders in order to increase the effectiveness and capacity of their work.

To set up a training, or for other questions or comments, contact us at:

E-Mail: svdebug@newamericamedia.org

Phone: 408.971.4965

Address: 701 Lenzen Avenue San Jose, CA 95126

Follow us on Twitter: ACJProject

Watch Episode 1 of the trailer on ACJP

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