California Bills on Juveniles, Realignment, Reentry, and a New Life Sentence

Our friends in Sacramento from the Criminal Justice Information Network sent us an update on the criminal justice bills being debated on the legislative floors. Below is a listing and their status. One particular bill that we have our eye on is AB 1709 — which would allow for jury trials for minors in particular cases. Interesting concept, wondering how it would impact conviction rates (what is called “sustained petitions” in juvenile court). Let us know what you think too! Post submission by Raj Jayadev

Bills on Juveniles, Realignment, Reentry, and a New Life Sentence 

Today in Assembly Public Safety Committee, bills that would support defendants and their families with record-sealing, reentry, and due process were approved. One bill to increase law enforcement representation on county realignment boards was also passed. Additionally, a bill to add a life sentence to the existing offense for human trafficking of a minor was voted down by the committee.


AB 1571 (Donnelly) Penalty Increase on Human Trafficking (As Proposed to be Amended)
This bill increases the penalties for human trafficking from 3, 4 or 5 years in prison to 10, 12 or 14 years, and for human trafficking of a minor from 4, 6 or 8 years to 25 years to life in prison. Click here for the full language.


AB 2031 (Fuentes) Increasing Law Enforcement Representation on Realignment Boards
This bill adds a rank-and-file deputy sheriff and a rank-and-file probation officer to the Community Corrections Partnership, the county agency responsible for implementing realignment, without adding a representative from community-based organizations or the defense bar. Click here for the full language.

AB 2040 (Swanson) Expungement for Minors
This bill allows a person adjudicated a ward of the court for prostitution to have his or her record sealed without showing that he or she has not been subsequently convicted or rehabilitated. Click here for the full language.

AB 2127 (Hernandez) Expanding Work Release Programs
This bill authorizes a sheriff to permit a person in a work release program to receive work release credit for participation in educational or vocational programs. Click here for the full language.

AB 1709 (Mitchell) Jury Trials for Juveniles
This bill would give a youth who was age 16 or older at the time of the commission of an offense the right to a jury trial if that offense could be used for a sentence enhancement for a future felony conviction under the California Three Strikes Law. Click here for the full language.

AB 1956 (Portantino) Expanding Tattoo Removal Program for Sex Trafficking Victims
This bill extends the tattoo removal program to individuals who were tattooed for identification in sex trafficking.  Click here for the full language.

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