The Free Press: “A National Model of Truth and Justice for All”

Thanks to The Free Press in Maine for covering our talk at Poptech! Click their image to read the full story.


Eight out of ten people who face the justice system in the U.S. can’t afford a lawyer.  Raj Jayadev, director of De-Bug, a media company in San Jose, California, saw that the accused were cut off from their families and other resources and didn’t know how to navigate the court system. Typically, they got a public defender who was stretched thin across too many cases. Ninety percent of those who are charged in the U.S. and can’t afford a lawyer plead guilty without ever going to trial, regardless of whether they are innocent or have extenuating circumstances that could lessen their sentence, said Jayadev. “It looked like a conveyor belt to jail,” he said. Read more >>>

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