Participatory Defense at PopTech Hybrid 2015!

We recently had the honor to share our participatory defense model at PopTech Hybrid — a convening in Maine of scientists, social innovators, and international thoughts leaders. It was a tremendous opportunity for us to learn about how people from around the world have moved from bold ideas to society changing movements. Much gratitude to the PopTech faculty who spent time lending their wisdom to help imagine a road map for participatory defense to become the “new norm”, and the incredible Poptech Social Innovation and Science Fellows who are well on their way in changing the world as we know it — saving lives, the earth, and our collective future. From Kenya to Karnatika — we see you! Check out this visual graphic of our PopTech talk on participatory defense by the talented Peter Durand. Video to come soon! (Click on image to see more graphic interpretations of other PopTech talks!)



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