A Polish Mom and Mexican Brother Become Family While Advocating for Release of Their Loved Ones

editwoThis photo taken after one of our meetings last week. His brother is facing life in prison. Her son was facing over 10 years in prison. They were strangers. He is from Mexico, she is from Poland. They met while visiting their loved ones at jail. He told her about De-Bug’s ACJP meetings that he had been attending. She started coming. This week, much due to her perseverance, her son will be home in just 5 months, and won’t have to go to prison. A private attorney says her son won’t get any less then 9 years. That attorney was wrong. Today, she to continue to come to meetings to support her new friend’s effort to free his brother. These strangers are united in a unique way, crafted by this both the horror of possibly losing a loved one to the system, and the hope that they can impact the outcome of the case. Respect to the families who are fighting for their loved ones, yet still have the never ending generosity to assist others in similar struggles. May just be the most powerful thing out there, and the only thing that can end mass incarceration.


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