Family beats a life sentence, twice.

marymarchCongrats to this ACJP family who won their loved one’s release from a life sentence after 19 years through Proposition 36 re-sentencing at the beginning of the year. Then, just weeks after his release, and his successful re-integration into the community, the DA’s office from Stanislaus County filed a motion for the court to re-consider its’ decision to release him. So despite the courts decision, the DA’s office wanted to bring this man back to prison for the rest of his life. His family and attorney made a compelling argument as to why bringing him back to prison was both unlawful and unreasonable. And so, he won his freedom, again — beating a life sentence — twice. (In photo, Mary calls family members to them them know the good news. To see more on their story click here)


One thought on “Family beats a life sentence, twice.

  1. Each time another Wrongful Conviction is overturned I get hope for my 45 year old son, who sentenced to 66 years to life under three strikes. He turned down a deal of 40 years (for a crime he did not commit), and the Assistant DA said they would throw the book at him. My son was Wrongfully Convicted of 2nd Degree Murder in Alameda County Superior Court (Oakland Ca) in 2003, by an all white jury. He is African American as are all the other players in what happened. He has been in Prison since 2001, and I am fighting to have his conviction overturned. We have the documents showing Witness Testimony stating the person killed was shot by a Drive By Shooter (yet this never made it in to court). The young man who testified against my son recently sent me an email stating the Police told him to testify against him (my son), or be charged with 2nd Degree Murder. The young man was given Blanket Immunity to testify against my son. Although we have the evidence we are in need of assistance in getting it before the Federal Appeals Court. The Innocence Project will not take his case because my son was in the area, even though he is not guilty. I do not understand this but that is what they told me.

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