After 34 Years: “I Don’t Want All That Time to Have Been for Nothing”

rightontimeSome people come into our ACJP/De-Bug community right on time. The previous week of this photo family came to our meeting looking for support to guide their currently incarcerated loved one through the parole hearing process. Our families began looking for resources and strategizing. Then this week this gentlemen walks in (in photo), humbly, and says, “I got out 20 days ago from doing 34 years…I don’t want all that time to have been for nothing.” He actually won his parole from an otherwise life case due to his tremendous work inside, even starting programs in prison, but then Governor Schwarzenegger denied the parole. He won his parole again later, and it was granted by Governor Brown. He is now going to be a resource for our families who have loved ones up for parole, advising them through the process. It takes some folks a while to connect with our families, but when they do — it’s right on time. (You can see more instagram shots of De-Bug’s ACJP in action using the hashtag #debugscience and #timesaved)

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