Defense Attorney Charges Over $350 to Read Text Messages

When a mother’s son was picked up for a serious offense, she did what many parents do — she cleaned out her bank account to hire a private attorney. The attorney spoke confidently at first, giving the impression that the young man would be in good hands if they hired this attorney. The communication slowed to a near stop after the money was paid. The mother asked for an accounting of what work the attorney did for all of the money she was paid. The itemization included time used to read text messages and send text messages to the mother. Since the attorney charged $350 an hour, the attorney charged the family $385 for 8 text messages. We won’t even tell you how much she charged to listen to voicemails!



One thought on “Defense Attorney Charges Over $350 to Read Text Messages

  1. This is true! Not to mention the time “she” used her expertice when she appreared in court to represent my son only to have the court postponed. I paid this so called lawyer over 8, 000 dollars just to appear. End result……no result still the same place we were when I hired her.

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