De-Bug’s ACJP Featured in Investigative Reporting Workshop’s Review of Public Defense

awww-img-courts-mainSpecial thanks to journalist Kat Aaron for including De-Bug’s ACJP organizing model in her insightful and comprehensive review on the current condition of public defense nationally entitled, ““Courts explore new ways to deal with heavy caseloads, overflowing jails”. The article examines various state’s efforts to meet Gideon’s promise, as well as new models that are starting to catch momentum, such as the Bronx Defender Program in New York. ACJP is given as example of how community organizing efforts can impact indigent defense services.

She writes, “The Albert Cobarrubias Justice Project, works with people facing criminal charges and their families to ensure that the public defense they receive is attentive and engaged. Family members have worked as volunteer investigators, tracking down witnesses and gathering cellphone videos of events. They scour police reports, looking for inconsistencies. They collect testimonials and stories that paint a portrait of the defendant and his family ties. This is the kind of work that can be crucial to a defense but that many defenders are too overwhelmed to do.” Read her full piece, including more on De-Bug’s efforts to promote community organizing in the courts by clicking here.

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