Back Home With a Harley — One ACJP Member’s Vision of Justice Comes True

This photo was just sent to us from a small town in Georgia by a longtime De-Bug/ACJP member Benny Love. It’s an image of victory — evidence of a dream made real, that he wanted the rest of us in San Jose to see. It’s his Harley resting in the backdrop of the town he was raised in. He was able to pay for the trip home, and the Harley, with the settlement win he received against the San Jose Police Department a while back. A few years ago, Benny was the recipient of an unjustified tasing, and was wrongfully arrested. Rather then just take the deal, and the abuse, Benny refused to plead guilty to something he didn’t do and filed a complaint against the officer. Benny, an African-American man in his 50’s, was homeless living in San Jose at the time. All criminal charges were eventually dismissed. He came to De-Bug after someone referred him. Benny at the time was standing out on the corner with a homemade sign that read “Need a Lawyer.” De-Bug hooked up with a great attorney Michael Reiser who fought hard for him. The city eventually settled to avoid civil trial. Through the whole experience, Benny would tell us all he wants is to go back home to his family. Through his perseverance, he returned home, and did so with style — cruising in his new Harley. Miss ya Benny!

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