Former ICE official pleads guilty to fraud // CNN

ACJP has been working hard in getting the beating back the controversial Secure Communities Program and trying to diminish ICE and local law enforcement collaboration. The Department Of Homeland Security constantly states that they are looking out for the best interests of the country let alone our county. This news though certainly underlines our concerns about how trustworthy ICE officials are. — Post by Cesar Flores

(CNN) — James M. Woosley, 48, pleaded guilty Tuesday to defrauding the government of more than $180,000 in a ruse that involved phony travel vouchers and kickbacks

The former intelligence chief for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement faces a likely sentence of 18 to 27 months behind bars and must forfeit the funds he wrongfully acquired, the Department of Justice reported.

“Today, James Woosley became the fifth – and highest-ranking – individual to plead guilty as part of a series of fraud schemes among rogue employees and contractors at ICE,” U.S. Attorney Ronald C. Machen Jr. said. “He abused his sensitive position of trust to fleece the government by submitting phony paperwork for and taking kickbacks from subordinates who were also on the take.”

Four others had pleaded guilty to charges related to the plot. They are former research specialists Ahmed Adil Abdallat, 64, and William J. Korn, 53; Stephen E. Henderson, 61, a former ICE contractor; Lateisha M. Rollerson, 38, a former assistant to Woosley.

Their combined actions cost ICE more than $600,000, the statement said.

One thought on “Former ICE official pleads guilty to fraud // CNN

  1. I can’t help but wonder if these cases of ICE official stealing are not indicative of the tremendous amount of unneeded money being thrown at I.C.E. by the rest of the government. Richard Clarke, security adviser on counterterrorism to the administrations of Clinton, Bush, and Obama, has told 60 Minutes audiences of the tremendous amount of money wasted on the Department of Homeland Security.

    I can’t help but wonder if these embezzling officials find all the surplus money they’re swimming in just too tempting not to help themselves to. I do think we spend like a drunken sailor for aggression, defense, incarceration, punishment, and prosecution. But we have no money for social welfare, social justice, education, and housing for the poor.

    Please–let’s reorient our priorities: tax the rich, stop incarcerating the black and the poor, spend on infrastructure, stop funding murder.

    And stop believing that somehow–though murder is wrong, the rule of law is a higher order than the needs of some men, and we know we are not God–we can make just decisions of who should live and who should die.

    The celebration yesterday on Obama’s part of the murder of Osama Ben Laden was almost as gruesome as the original sin of killing him in the first place.

    Who ordained the United States as having the right to kill our perceived enemies? Who made Barack Obama wise enough, sufficiently morally endowed, and in close enough touch with God to be an executioner?

    Acting in immoral and illegal ways will come back to haunt us. We’ve tortured, murdered innocents, taken the power of life and death into our own hands. Can we really believe that we can do those things and not face consequences?

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