Cop caught on tape telling blacks why he pulled them over

WGN9 MIDDAY NEWS:  Reporter: Judy Wung / Video

Submission Post by Gail Noble

We often say,  the only reason he/she pulled me over is,  because I’m Black/Mexican. This Chicago Police, is confortable saying, what most Policers Officers think.  In reality the officer will say, I pulled you over because your right tail light is out, or your brake lights were not working, you were making a left turn and your blinker light is out,  the tint on your windows is to dark.

This stop includes, the officer asking for your license in one breath, and the next breath, asking if anyone in the car is on probation or parole?  If the answer is yes,  it a whole new ball game, it give the officer permission, to search you, ask  everyone for their identification,  run a check on everyone, to see if anyone has any warrants,

The officer might say I smell Marijuana, or alcohol, the officer will require you, and sometimes everyone in the car to step out of the car and take the alcohol-breathalyzer to see if anyone is under the influence of alcohol/ controlled substance.  if you just so happen to blow 00″s, you might find your self on the way to the Police Station for a urine and blood test, just to make sure.

While all that is goin on, after being asked the queston, do you have any drugs on you and you say no, a search is done on you and your personal belonings, and a call is made for the Knines team to come out, just to make sure you do not have any drugs stashed any where else.  This list can go on and on.

This so called traffic stop can lead up to 4 to 6 hours of being detained,  and booked under false charges. such as driving under the Influence of Acohol,   then released with a court date and later it is proved that you were falsely charged,  none was found in your system.  If you are on probaton,  the  police department notifids your probation officer to violate you because you were stopped for rectless driving and driving under the influence of alcohol.  So you do thirty days in jail.

Now you are standing in front of the Judge,  with no police report,  only DMV papers received from DMV stating, your license will not be suspended because their was no alcohol found in your system.

The reporter made the comment the people in the car was not black, it could have been a sarcastic comment, in any case the officer know what Nationality they were, when he arrived at the car window.

This officer clearly feels confrontable saying, I pulled you over because you are f….Black.  This Chicago Police, is use to saying, what most Policers Officers think, and practice, Profiling.

One thought on “Cop caught on tape telling blacks why he pulled them over

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    Each of us entrusts our livelihood to the men and women in uniform. However, a few of these individuals cloaked with a badge of authority to protect the citizens are enforcing vigilante justice, or enforcing the laws in a discriminatory manner. This post as reported by Judy Wung with WGN9 News is absolutely appalling…

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