Gail Noble: A leader of change

Gail Noble is someone everyone should tip their hat for. She is a co-facilitator for ACJP De-Bug who is always lending a helping hand. I recently figured out that Gail has been making change since she was a teen in high school. Just another excuse to look up to her. Check out the video and quote below to see some of her amazing efforts for change – Submission by Cesar Flores

Gail Says”

“Here is a video of Ravenswood High School in 1969. It was the first day of School.  I was a Junior.  It was planned that everyone  would walk out of the class rooms that morning at 9:00 am, go to the office and stay over night. Charles Bounding and Odia Chiles are  friends of mine and the organizers of this event.  I remember calling my mother from the Office that day and telling her that we just walked out of the class room and why, I asked her  if I can stay over night.  She said yes.  My friend sent this video to me. We laughed, talked and relived this great event in our lives.  The transferring of students to and from Ravenswood and other school districts happened years later.   Although I am not in the video, I’m in the office.  The kids in the back around Charles that are speaking to a news station are freshman. We don’t know who that person is who is narrating the video.  But seeing the video was powerful.  I hope you enjoy it.”

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