Son’s Advocacy Steers Court Away from 2 Year Prison Sentence for Mother

This is Herlinda going through the ACJP ceremony of erasing her name from the case board! When this happens at ACJP, it means that the family member who has been coming every week to our meetings (her son in this case) finally won the justice they were fighting for, and their loved one is home. Herlinda was facing a 2 year prison sentence for a minor violation. The court was set on sending Herlinda, who has a serious medical condition, to prison. Her son Daniel fought for his mom, brought in the support of the ACJP/De-Bug community, and now she is home with her family, participating in an outpatient program. Their family is a powerful testimony to what is possible when a family and community stand up and refuse to be dissuaded from the justice they deserve. Be on the lookout for the upcoming video profiling this powerful victory!

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