Upcoming forum to re-imagine incarceration//re-entry policies

On August 3rd at 2pm Board of Supervisor Goerge Shirakawa will be hosting a Re-Entry Network meeting to gather input on how the county will adopt policy changes for California’s re-alignment — the mandate to lower the prison population. While there are a number of questions as to what exactly realignment will look like, what we do know is that counties, including SCC, is supposed to have a plan in place by the beginning of October. The plan should include how the county is going to house and provide services for a still undetermined number of current prison inmates that will be transferred to county care, and also a strategy on how the County is going to reduce numbers of people being sent to prison from our county.

So all in all: alot of questions and a short time frame. What is certain is that realignment represents a rare opportunity to offer a new vision for our county’s criminal justice system — and a real possibility that vision can become reality.

Keep reading for the details in the meeting and the agenda…

Re-Entry Network Meeting

August 3, 2011  


Click Here for Meeting Packet


Date: Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Time: 2:00 p.m.

Place: Sheriff’s Auditorium 55 Younger Avenue San Jose, CA 95110

1. Call to Order/Roll Call


Public Comment (This item is reserved for persons desiring to address the Re-Entry Network on matters not on the agenda. Speakers are limited to one minute.)

3. Approve Consent Calendar and changes to the Re-Entry Network Agenda

4. Approve Re-Entry Network By-Laws from the Office of the County Counsel (L. Pegg)

5. Consider and discuss the Re-Entry Network Overview (G. Shirakawa)

a. Approve Re-Entry Network Vision and Mission statements

6. Accept update on the implementation of Assembly Bill 109 and the Community Corrections Partnership (S. Mitchell)

7. Accept presentation by the Re-Entry Transformation Team (L. Crowell)

8. Accept update on the Recidivism Study (L.Smith/J. Hirokawa)

*9. Approve recommendations from the Office of the County Counsel relating to Brown Act and Conflict of Interest Code requirements and Statement of Economic Interests (L. Pegg)

10. Announce the next meeting of the Reentry Network on December 7, 2011 at 2pm

To join the Re-Entry Network distribution list or find more information,

go to www.SupervisorShirakawa.org or call

If you wish to get all the doucments necessary for the reentry discussion go to the site below.




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