Report Details Wide Abuse in Los Angeles Jail System

 The ACLU prepares to file a law suit against Los Angles city jails. The lawsuit details many gruesome abuses in the jails by deputies. The ACLU will also call for a federal investigation of the jails, as well as the resignation of Sheriff Baca, who denies the allegations of abuse. This law suit raises questions around the effects of transferring inmates from overcrowded prisons into overcrowded jails, and what safeguards will be put in place.

LOS ANGELES — One inmate said he was forced to walk down a hallway naked after sheriff’s deputies accused him of stealing a piece of mail. They taunted him in Spanish, calling him a derogatory name for homosexuals.

Another former inmate said that after he protested that guards were harassing a mentally ill prisoner, the same deputies took him into another room, slammed his head into a wall and repeatedly punched him in the chest.

And a chaplain said he saw deputies punching an inmate until he collapsed to the ground. They then began kicking the apparently unconscious man’s head and body.

The examples are just a fraction of dozens of detailed allegations of abuse in Los Angeles County’s Men’s Central Jail and Twin Towers, according to a report that the American Civil Liberties Union  Continue reading