City of Morgan Hill Settles in Police Misconduct Case: Family Wins

A small victory for a Morgan Hill family who filed a complaint against the local police department for: Entering the home without a warrant or cause, conducting an illegal search, making a false arrest, violating civil rights, and displaying negligence and improper training. The City has awarded the family a $75,000 settlement. The Morgan Hill Police Department has two more lawsuits pending against it.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011
By Michael Moore – The Morgan Hill Times

The city of Morgan Hill paid a $75,000 settlement to a resident who accused local police officers of misconduct.

Maria Jesus Belasquez, Rudy Martinez and Rudy Belasquez Martinez, Jr., filed a complaint against Morgan Hill police in November 2010. The federal lawsuit accused officers of entering their home without a warrant and without cause, illegal search, false arrest, violation of civil rights, negligence and improper training… Continue reading