The Feministing Five: Jean Melesaine

Check out the profile on De-Bug/ACJP organizer, videographer, writer Jean Melesaine. It was the top story for one of the largest feminist online media sites!
By Anna | Published: October 1, 2011

Black and white photo of Jean MelesaineI met Jean one sunny afternoon while she was in the midst of making this video. New America Media was holding a conference called Children in Poverty, and they wanted Jean to tell her story. Jean is a Pacific Islander, born and raised all over the San Francisco Bay Area and currently residing in the Hunters Point projects. For those unfamiliar with the San Francisco landscape, Bayview-Hunters Point is a segregated portion of the city, where most residents rarely venture. “The Point” represents a stark contrast to the rest of San Francisco’s expensive, predominantly white neighborhoods. A community on the margins, experiencing toxic pollution, unemployment and poverty, Jean calls this place home. Continue reading