LaDoris Cordell: San Jose Should Outfit Police Officers with Cameras


Judge LaDoris Cordell San Jose Independent Police Auditor

Police Chief Chris Moore,  the City Council, and the mayor, are all in agreement with getting the  San Jose Police Department outfitted with cameras.  We have the funds to purchase the cameras,  and San Jose should take the next step and do it.  This would help stop the fraudulent police reports, unnecessary use of force, and restore the trust back in the community which is long over do. Read the position by Judge Ladoris Cordell, San Jose’s Independent Police Auditor.  Submission Post by Gail Noble

By LaDoris Cordell: Special to the Mercury News — Thursday morning saw San Jose’s eighth officer involved shooting this year, the fourth to end in a fatality.  The  circumstances of the  shooting are under investigation by the San Jose Police Department.  Undoubtedly, there will be a review and an assessment by the district attorney;  and because a member of  the  public registered a concern about the shooting with us, the Office of the Independent Police Auditor will ensure that the investigation into the question of whether or not there was any police misconduct is fair, thorough and objective.

But already, the finger-point has begun.  The officer’s version of the incident has the deceased  in a bedroom brandishing a gun at the officer;  and the civilian witness’s version has the officer shooting at an unarmed man in his bedroom.  This “he-said, she said” response is nothing new.  It happens all the time when there are controversial police incidents;  in most instances, the final determination whatever it is, leaves one side or the other dissatisfied.  If the officer is absolved of any misconduct and the shooting deemed justified, a public outcry ensues with shout of biased policing, frequently emanating from communities of color.  If the officer is deemed to have violated department policy, police officers and their multitude of supporters in the community express their outrage.  And what we all end up with is a city divided by anger and mistrust.

Cop Punches Woman: Bus Passenger Tapes LA Sheriff’s Deputy Hitting Rider(Shocking Video)

January 12, 2012

Updated at the bottom: Sheriff’s officials try to justify the use of force.

LA Weekly Report

This video speaks for its self, the officer has no perception of what it means to be a Peace Officer.  It appears he is the one with mental health issues.

Fear did not take the place of justice, Jermaine was not intimidated by the officer’s command and threats to hand over his camera phone.  One person can make a difference.  Stand against Police Misconduct.  Submission Post by Gail Noble

A passenger on a bus recorded a Los Angeles cop punching a woman in the face who apparently hadn’t been violent while the camera rolled.

Jermaine Green, the man who taped the Monday night incident in Bellflower, told NBC LA that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy who struck the woman threatened to arrest him if he didn’t hand over his camera phone.

The woman brought a stroller laden with pillows on to the bus and Green described her as having “special needs.” Two deputies allegedly boarded the bus at the next stop and confronted the lady, who began cursing at them, according to Green’s retelling. Continue reading

Family Power Can Triumph Over Police Abuse

Powerful afternoon at De-Bug’s ACJP. The Custodio family shared their experiences, wisdom, and energy with a San Mateo Filipino family who are the victims of extreme police violence — repeated tasing and beating (including of an elder) of this family. And as these stories go, the police made-up and filed false charges against the family — the more excessive the police abuse the more unreasonable the charges. The Custodios — founding members of ACJP — shared their strength, as they had gone through a similar road, inspiring a community as the went (check out the video of their story made by one of our youth from 2007). Stay posted, big win coming out of San Mateo County in 2012. Family by family, family to family, true justice will be won…


NYPD officers have fun with racist Facebook group

NYPD officers have fun with racist Facebook groupAttorney Bejamin Moore, from the Brooklyn Defenders Services went that extra mile in his research to find out what kind of Police Officer he was dealing with.-Submission by Gail Noble

New York — If you’re not too keen on the New York Police Department, don’t worry — the feeling is mutual.

Officers within the NYPD allegedly typed racist and revealing comments on a public Facebook page seemingly undetected until a New York attorney uncovered them. Continue reading

Meadville Tribune: Meadville cop involved in Tasering to retire

Its time for Tasers to the shelved, check out this article about a cop that just filed for retirement. — Submission Blanca Bosquez

A lethal "non-lethal" weapon.

MEADVILLE — The Meadville police officer who fired a Taser that took out a resident’s eye has filed for retirement.

Sgt. Glen Peterson, a 32-year veteran of the Meadville police force, has declined to speak to the media. City officials say that while the Aug. 23 Taser incident did weigh on Peterson, it was not the primary reason he decided to retire. Continue reading

City of Morgan Hill Settles in Police Misconduct Case: Family Wins

A small victory for a Morgan Hill family who filed a complaint against the local police department for: Entering the home without a warrant or cause, conducting an illegal search, making a false arrest, violating civil rights, and displaying negligence and improper training. The City has awarded the family a $75,000 settlement. The Morgan Hill Police Department has two more lawsuits pending against it.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011
By Michael Moore – The Morgan Hill Times

The city of Morgan Hill paid a $75,000 settlement to a resident who accused local police officers of misconduct.

Maria Jesus Belasquez, Rudy Martinez and Rudy Belasquez Martinez, Jr., filed a complaint against Morgan Hill police in November 2010. The federal lawsuit accused officers of entering their home without a warrant and without cause, illegal search, false arrest, violation of civil rights, negligence and improper training… Continue reading